Double Dose: Combatting Mental Illness and Stress Management in the Workplace

Posted in Medshield Medical Scheme | 16 July 2019

July presents itself with a double dose of consciousness highlighted through Mental Illness Awareness Month and Corporate Wellness Week from the 1st – 5th July 2019.In today’s fast-paced society, employees experience stress in the workplace on a daily basis. Work stress combined with other mental health conditions, such as depression, impact on the productivity of employees and in turn also on the performance of companies and organisations in South Africa. It is therefore important that employers pay increased attention to their employees’ wellness, especially with regards to mental health.

Work stress is an inevitable part of the job but not all stress is bad as it keeps us on our toes and, at times, we can even learn to excel under the pressure. However, when work stress places unreasonable and overwhelming demands on an individual, this can result in undue anxiety and an inability to cope effectively. Read More